Star Struck: Starbucks Changes Popular Loyalty Program

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SEATTLE, WA - Loyalty is defined as faithfulness or devotion to some person, cause or nation. If there's one thing Starbucks has, it's a loyal following. But some Starbucks fans might be feeling a little less devoted to the company`s revamped loyalty program.

It used to be, you earned one star per order. But Starbucks decided that was slowing down lines since customers rang up their items separately to get more stars. Now coffee lovers will earn two stars for every dollar spent which

Now coffee lovers will earn two stars for every dollar spent. That means people who like the most expensive lattes will rack up stars more quickly. But for those who keep it simple with a regular cup of coffee or shot of espresso, it'll be a longer crawl to get those cherished stars.

But Starbucks isn't the only company raising the bar to earn rewards. Last year, American Airlines made it harder to score free flights with its popular frequent flier miles program by rewarding people for how much the ticket cost versus the number of miles flown.

Changes to loyalty programs aren't all bad, though. Choice Hotels just announced changes that will actually allow members to earn rewards faster than before.

As for Starbucks, we`ll have to wait and see how java addicts react to the same coffee with different perks.