New Evidence? Parents Demand Fair Investigation In UNT Student’s Death

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DENTON, TX-- Ryan McMillan's parents are trying to piece together how their son died back in December after a night out celebrating his 21st birthday.The sophomore was shot and killed by  Cpl. Stephen Bean of University of North Texas police.

Cops say McMillan was wielding an ax and destroying cars before advancing on Cpl. Bean. Dash cam video released just days later shows McMillan repeatedly yelling "shoot me" and Cpl. Bean telling McMillan to "back away" before firing off three shots.

Tuesday morning, the McMillan's family attorney, Renee Higginbotham-Brooks, held a press conference with Ryan's parents. Brooks believes the Texas Ranger assigned to investigate the case discounted the accounts of two eye-witnesses who say McMillan was holding a Boy Scout hatchet in his hand in a non-threatening manner.

"Those eyewitnesses said that he told them their perception and reality were two different things the other two eyewitnesses that we have were not contacted at all," explained Brooks.

She also argues Cpl. Bean could have used non-lethal force instead of shooting the student.

"Because death should not have been the option of choice when non-lethal force such as tasers and chemicals sprays should have been the obvious choice," she added.

McMillan's family is also asking for their son's toxicology report to be released to them and the public.

Newsfix reached out to UNT. In a statement, the university's spokesperson says because the Texas Rangers' investigation is ongoing, "it would be inappropriate to comment further."