Lockheed Martin Shows Off New Tech

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GRAND PRAIRIE, TX — It may have looked like the coolest science fair, with the biggest guns you’ve ever seen, but it’s all just part of Lockheed Martin’s Engineers Week!

“This week is all about appreciating the hard work that [the] employees put in on a day-to-day basis, specifically those with a technical background, but in general all of our employees.” said Jessica Stilwell.

And it gives them a chance to show off some of that hard work, like the RF Can Crusher!

“Essentially, we’re creating such a large magnetic field that we’re moving force into whatever direction we want,” said Nathan Hibler. “So for the can crusher we direct that inward… and for the exploding wire it’s such a large amount of energy you are vaporizing the small amount of conductor that’s in there.”

Also on display was the Fortis Exoskeleton!

“[The Fortis Exoskeleton] is designed for workers such as a production line worker to hold a tool and use this extended periods during the day and not feel the fatigue, as if they were holding it on their own.” said Matthew Bowman.

Yeah, all this stuff may look like it came straight out of a movie, but it’s very real.

So in honor of Lockheed’s Engineers Week, if you see one, thank ‘em for turning sci-fi into reality!