High School Students Get Shot at Photography Scholarship

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DALLAS-- When it comes to getting into college, you’ve got to worry about a lot of details. One of the biggest details a lot of students struggle with is how to foot the bill for higher education. That’s where a scholarship can make all the difference.

“I just felt that it’s something that's very important," Mickey Ashmore said. "If we all can do something to help change one kid's life, make it more positive, that's, to me, what life's about.”

Ashmore has awarded dozens of scholarships in the last 8 years. All kids have to do is get a little creative by taking pics of retail and turning it into works of art.

“You know, this is for students ninth grade through twelveth grade. Public high school, private high school, it doesn’t matter,” Ashmore told Newsfix. “It’s an opportunity to win some scholarship dollars. We award the top three and then we have judges awards, which (are) usually another 5 people.”

The photos go on display in an actual art gallery where students can see their creations in a professional setting.

“We're going to have an evening where all the art is represented, the scholarships are announced, then the gallery will have the art up for sale from the 21st-23rd,” Ashmore said

For these students, a picture could be worth more than just a thousand word.

“We’re trying to inspire young people," Ashmore said. "We really want to showcase their art but what we really want to do is also showcase to them the relevant opportunities, things they can do to build their careers.”

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