Morgan Freeman Is Giving You Driving Directions With This GPS App

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Getting lost or listening to honking horns on I-35 South is going to be so much more fun now!

Morgan Freeman is the latest celeb to loan his voice to Google's free navigation app, Waze.

The partnership is part of the promotion for Freeman's upcoming movie, London Has Fallen.

Freeman plays vice-president of the U.S. in the movie and carries his character over to the GPS. He addresses listeners as "president" and even reminds them of their duty by saying things like, "The American people are counting on you -- to drive. Let’s go.”

What we'll be able to hear just about everywhere in DFW is, "Accident reported ahead. I’ll get a line to emergency command."

If only that really worked, Mr. Freeman!!

The legendary actor follows in the footsteps of previous Waze narrator Arnold Schwarzenegger,

Not sure how long he'll be on the app, but you can get it here.