Civil Girl: American Girl Debuts Doll From Civil Rights Era

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MIDDLETON, WI- Just when you thought American Girl couldn't get any more American. The doll company has created a doll to pay tribute to Black History. Meet Melody Ellison, a 9-year-old African-American Girl doll. She's an aspiring Motown Records recording artist living in Detroit during the 1960's Civil Rights era.

Like any other American Girl doll, Melody will come complete with a collection of countless clothes and accessories that'll set parents back a paycheck. But, the story behind melody is what's priceless.

She's only the third African-American doll in the BeForever historical collection. Cecile Rey was discontinued back in 2014 and Addy Walker, a doll living in the civil war era who escaped slavery, is still available.

Celebrating their 30th anniversary, American Girl wanted to get every detail of this doll down to the stitch. So, they reportedly hired a panel of civil rights activists and educators to ensure everything about Melody is authentic. She's expected to hit store shelves late this summer. Here's hoping little girls across the country can be empowered while they play.

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