Caraway, others respond after near fight with Commissioner Price

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DALLAS -- It was the kind of scene you'd expect to play out on the silver screen, but this time, it was all too real.

Things got very personal Monday as the District One commissioner race nearly boiled over into a heavyweight battle with incumbent John Wiley Price in one corner and challenger Dwaine Caraway manning the other.

The afternoon started with a friendly debate at Heaven 97 AM radio, a Gospel station, but during a break, it quickly went sour.

Yesterday I failed because I let a setup get under my skin," Caraway said at a press conference Tuesday afternoon.

Micah B. Phillips is a third candidate in the race, and in an effort to grab young voters, his campaign is always rolling. Of course, he never thought they'd capture a near fist fight.

That's when it got really personal.

"Personal things involving relationships, marriage, family, things of that sort," said Heaven 97 radio host Robert Ashley.

At one point, Caraway yelled at Price, "You f***** up my house, n*****. You were f****** my wife."

Caraway's wife, former state representative Barbara Mallory Caraway was on Heaven 97 Tuesday and brought up the infidelity claim herself.

"The woman that has been mentioned is not me," Mallory Caraway said. "But I do appreciate and applaud Dwaine Caraway's efforts to protect a former family."

Her point was that the woman in question was actually Caraway's first wife, from whom he was divorced in 1994.

Either way, now two mainstays in Dallas city politics face another fight, public opinion.

"We cannot afford to have people in office that will lose it mentally and jeopardize the administrative arm that the county commissioner is," said challenger Phillips.

Newsfix reached out to John Wiley Price, who's got a bigger fight on his hands with a federal indictment on corruption charges. So far, no response.

He did go on K104 (KKDA-FM), though, to say "I'm sorry" to the community, but not to his rival.

Until next round, stay calm and campaign.