Being Benched: Airbus Patents New Style of Seating

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TOULOUSE, FRANCE-Are you fond of your personal space? Well, nothing is worse than finding yourself in a tight space, especially 35,000 feet in the air.

But the days of confining leg room and touching thighs with your neighbor could be over.

Airbus is changing the way we strap in; introducing the bench seat.

The new model can be adjusted for a larger or smaller person and could hold from two passengers to a whole family.

But don't expect to pay an arm and a leg for more leg space, the new system would charge you based on how much bench space you need.

The bench style seating would save larger customers from buying two seats and charging kids less than a full price seat.

Looks like that might be the future of air travel; a pay for what you need system.

Although, you won't be buckling up just yet since it's still in the patent process.

But this isn't the first time airbus has come up with some fly seating arrangements; remember when they wanted to stack us on one another?

It is a sign of the times perhaps, they’re aware that we're not one size fits all.