Fire & Faith: Oak Cliff Church Holds Sunday Service in Wake of Devastating Fire

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OAK CLIFF -- Sunday service wasn’t quite the same at Iglesia de Cristo Camino de Santidad.

“Today, we’re picking up all the bricks, taking the concrete off bricks so we can reuse the bricks for our new building; we’re trying to rebuild," church member Josue Barrios told NewsFix.

On Wednesday, the two-story church in Oak Cliff was engulfed in raging flames. An early morning fire started in the sanctuary and didn’t take long to spread.

For almost two hours, Dallas firefighters tirelessly battled the blaze, as church members watched helplessly from a distance. At one point, one member referred to the ferocious flames as the enemy.

Their house of worship and their place of comfort was deemed a total loss. Yet, what wasn’t lost was their faith.

"No matter how devastating, how hard situations come, we’ll never stop praising him because we know he has everything under control and he always works something out for us," Edith Puga Lima said. She's the wife of the Pastor of Iglesia de Cristo.

On Sunday, just four days after a devastating fire gutted their church, parishioners gathered amid the ash and soot; they stood, they prayed and they gave thanks.

"It brought us together," Barrios added. "Just thinking about the future, just preaching the word; strengthening us, our bond as brothers and sisters.”

Perhaps it's a reminder to us all, knowing even when it appears all is lost, when there faith, there is hope.

The church welcomes anyone interested in assisting in their cleanup and restoration efforts. Volunteers willing to help can do so by heading to Iglesia de Cristo 800blk N. Westmoreland Rd. Dallas (Oak Cliff).