Ronald McDonald House to be One of First to Add Dog to Staff

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DALLAS, TX -- Superheroes make their entrances in many ways. Some fly, others run and a few swing their way into people's hearts.

In the real world, though, sometimes all they need to do is walk into the room.

That's where Shiloh comes in. He might be less than two years old, but he's got a very important job. He's the Chief Cheer Officer at Ronald McDonald House Dallas.

So, what is his super power?

He's a hand magnet, a kiss magnet and a treat magnet, drawing anyone in the vicinity into his tractor beam of happiness.

"He is a super hero for these kids," said Ronald McDonald House Dallas CEO Jill Cumnock. "He's like a rock star. Everybody just instantaneously, they want to see him."

Madeline Martin is being treated for some real life super villain stuff during her time at The House. She suffers from ARFID (Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder), which means her brain never tells her she's hungry.

That's when Chief Cheer Officer Shiloh steps in with a heavy dose of puppy power.

"Having him next to me just makes me really relaxed, really happy," Martin said. "He's kind of a reminder of going home."

Shiloh is the first dog trained as a lead dog to hold this position in Dallas and just the second in the entire country. That's not weighing on his mind though. He'd rather spend his time showing off another power he's perfected, snooze power.