Pedaling Art: Biker Creates Works of Art Via Bike Rides

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VICTORIA, CANADA - It's not often you hop on a bicycle to get in touch with your artistic side, but one guy is changing that; his name is Stephen Lund and he's blazing the trail in a new social media phenomenon known as GPS doodling.

Using a running and cycling GPS tracker app called Strava gave Lund the idea that he could create works of art. “My bike was no longer a bike, it was a crimson-dipped paintbrush and the entire city was my canvas," he said.

He's come a long way from his first doodle, which simply spelled “Happy 2015.” This blazing biker has drawn Santa Claus, butterflies, whales -- he's even done his own rendition of other famous works of art, like Rio de Janeiro's Christ the Redeemer and Michelangelo's David. It definitely puts a new spin to pedaling your art.

In the end, Lund hopes to inspire others to get out there and create their own works of art. He believes your masterpiece is only a bike ride away. “If you look carefully, you will see infinite opportunities for creative expression, exhilarating adventure, and all sorts of fun.”