Nerf or Nothing: New Toy Gun Shoots 68 MPH!

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PAWTUCKET, RI – It seems guns will always be a controversial topic of conversation, at least in Texas. And the same goes for Nerf guns--at least automatic ones that shoot darts out at 68 miles per hour.

Yep, 68 mph.

It's Nerf's new Rival Khaos, which comes with a 40-round clip that spews out foam balls. Squishy or not, it kind of sounds like a kiddie disaster waiting happen, right?

But wait, Nerf nerds. Going to look for the Rival Khaos, listed at $70, will be a shot in the dark since it doesn't go on sale until fall. Which means you won’t have it in time for the Epic Nerf Battle at AT&T Stadium on March 12. By the way, ticket proceeds will benefit North Texas tornado relief efforts.

Just promise when you do get your hands on this baby you'll use it to play, not to pull teeth.