Hundreds Of Homeless To Be Removed From Tent City By May

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DALLAS-- Hundreds of homeless people are hidden under a bridge in Dallas.

“You know homelessness is an issue for every city, but particularly for the city of Dallas, and last summer we started to notice a number of people gathering and staying under the I-45 bridge which crosses I-30,” said Bernadette Mitchell with Housing Community Services

The place now notoriously known as "tent city" has been getting bigger and bigger in recent months. In fact, a survey done in January found this makeshift metro  has grown to more than 300 people, and city officials say it has become a mecca for crime.

“The situation has gotten to the point where it's unsafe and it's unhealthy and so we're going to take a different approach with this now and that's to engage in a much more focused and regular pattern.”

The focus now is to evict the homeless and find them a place to live, teaming up with organizations like Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance. The city hopes to get these folks moved out by May. But the obvious question is: where to put hundreds of homeless people?

"We’ve got buy-in from several agencies to formally assign a couple of folks on a regular basis every day. that`s going to be their full-time job for the next six to eight weeks as we get as many people housed as possible," Mitchell said.

Yeah, and maybe we can bridge this homeless problem in Big D.