Dream Big: Girl Clothing Line After Being Bullied for Weight

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Queens, NY – By now, you've probably heard a gazillion stories about bullying. And unfortunately, a lot of them don't have a happy ending.

Well, one 10-year-old from Queens is turning fat shaming into fashion. Meet Egypt Ufele, who goes by Ify. She's a fifth grader who was taunted and teased by her classmates for being overweight. But instead of breaking down, she broke out and created ‘Chubiiline,’ an all-size brand, which features designs inspired by Africa.

So from being ripped apart by peers, to using her grandmother's sewing machine to stitch up greatness, Ify's designs are putting her in the spotlight. And if that isn't a big fat slap in the face for her bullies, Ify just got to debut her line at this years' New York Fashion Week, which just wrapped.

Looks like there's nothing Ify about this girl's future in fashion. You know what they say, if your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough.