Beauty Backlash: MAC Instagram Post Receives Racist Comments

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NEW YORK, NY -- The definition of make-up is 'lipstick or powder used to enhance or alter the appearance.' Well, who knew a beauty enhancer could bring out the ugly in people? But that's just what happened when MAC posted a picture of a black woman wearing their ‘Royal Romance’ lipstick.

Hundreds of people left racist comments about the image, taking jabs at the woman's full lips. Despite the criticism, MAC kept the post up. And before long, people overflowed the negativity with endearing responses.

But not all social media make-up posts result in shade. Case in point: An exchange between Neutrogena and Dallas native Crystal Cornelius, who reached out to the brand about their shades for women of color.

Cornelius sent out a tweet, wondering why the shades have been removed from the shelves. The company responded by sending her a direct message.

Months later, it led to a facetime conversation with Neutrogena spokesperson Kerry Washington, who told Cornelius she'd been working with Neutrogena for two years on getting darker shades.

Shade or no shade, when it comes to social media, here's hoping there are less dark comments – and more combinations of positivity.