Truly Heartwarming: Infant Receives New Heart on Valentine’s Day

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DALLAS -- It's a story sure to warm your heart. Meet baby Blair, she's five-months-old and this Valentine ’s Day was just as special for her family as was the day she came into the world.

That's because Blair was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and Pulmonary Stenosis.

"It means that half of her heart is missing. The whole left side is missing or smaller than it should have been," said Blair’s mom, Angie Sullivan.

It also meant she would need a new heart.

On Sunday, Blair’s parents, Angie and Jordan Sullivan, got a call that made their hearts skip a beat. The wait was over.

"She was like, 'Hold on, hold on, let me put you on speaker phone' and the lady on the phone she goes, 'We have a heart for Blair.' I think we were both shocked. Lots of mixed emotions," Blair’s parents said.

But the journey to a new heart wasn't easy.

"Everything we've had to do was just hopefully to extend her life long enough to make it until the heart came," Jordan said.

On Monday, Blair was wheeled into surgery at Children's Medical Center in Dallas and doctors worked for eight hours.

"I expect her to have a very quick recovery and lead a normal life after this," UT Southwestern Associate Professor of Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery Dr. Kristine J. Guleserian said.

The Sullivans are now looking forward to going home, but Jordan says his daughter's new heart is the greatest Valentine of all.

"It’s a Valentine's that I’ll never be able to beat, but it will definitely make that day and National Donor Day a little bit more special," Jordan said.