Simon Says: Apple, Stop Saying ‘iWon’t’

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Apple vs. the FBI -- let's call this iWon't!

I’m sure you’ve heard how Apple is fighting a judge’s order to let FBI agents access the phone of one of the dead  San Bernardino terror suspects.

He took his 4-digit passcode to the grave.

Apple CEO Tim cook thinks it's a slippery slope -- too much 1984 here?  He thinks letting the FBI in the back door could threaten the privacy for all Apple customers.

Well, I’m not concerned about big brother here, or Tim Cook's bigger picture. I am freaked out about an even BIGGER problem.

What if this guy has a text or two on his phone that looks like this?

"Hey Mike—Great job with the plutonium 💣"

I think we’d all like to know who "Mike” is!

Which leads me to this unsettling news we're just hearing about.

Dangerous radioactive material stolen in Iraq last year?  No one knows where it is—except maybe him?

If that’s not enough to keep you up at  night, this will.

And this will.

And this.

And then there's this one.

From Egypt… to Canada…Vietnam to Oklahoma City, people have been stealing radioactive stuff over the past few years.

And I’m sure it’s not by accident !

Nope, only bad people want this.

Nuclear explosion in an outdoor setting.

And bad people may have some bad things on their phones and their computers.

So Apple, let the FBI look at his phone. Because someone in ISIS lives by words Apple used to live by.