Recognize Me: DART to Install Facial Recognition Software

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DALLAS — It may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but facial recognition technology is very real, and may soon be a part of your daily commute!

Yeah DART has announced plans to increase security, installing new cameras on their trains and equipping all their cams with facial recognition software!

“What if there was a wanted person… DART is in 13 cities so if we get an alert from one city, that person may not be in that city anymore,” said Mark Ball, DART spokesman, “Could be somewhere else and this will allow us to be looking at all our properties again.”

Besides aiding law enforcement, DART says the system will also help them monitor passenger trends and help the transportation system know where it needs to get better.

But, anytime you start throwing around enhanced surveillance ideas, people get a little skittish! Yeah, nobody wants Big Brother riding next to you on the train!

But DART says, don’t worry. Adding facial recognition won’t change a thing in the way they operate.

“We currently have employees, 24 hours a day sitting in front of those cameras, watching and observing and if they see something they contact the police,” said Ball, “We don’t know exactly how we’re going to use this system, above and beyond what some people have discussed. The capabilities are endless. We’re looking and discovering those as we speak.”

So behave yourselves on those trains and busses… because somebody is watching… and soon they’ll know exactly who you are!