Holey Tech: New Ford Can Detect Potholes

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NORTH TEXAS -- In Back to the Future, Doc Brown and Marty McFly found plenty of trouble, but they avoided one major aggravation in our normal day -- potholes. A DFW with no roads, and thus, no potholes, is certainly a dream world.

Around here it's a Pothole of the Day type of existence, so if you own a DeLorean and plan to gas it up to 88 MPH, your trip to the future is probably destined for a detour.

"The chances of tires getting damaged are higher," said Star Tire owner Jason Edwards. "On top of that, the roads have gotten really bad, especially lately. It seems like we've noticed a lot of people coming in complaining about the potholes."

Meanwhile, City Hall is arguing about whether we'll get real repairs with a billion dollar 2017 bond program. Until then, we're left to keep dodging and dreading the daily commute.

That's where the Ford Motor Company is stepping in, claiming to bring the future to us. The new Ford Fusion sedan is supposed to battle the bumps for you, gliding right over the top instead of falling victim to the rim rockers below.

This isn't the first time we've been promised a rubber remedy, though.

"We've heard of lots of different innovations over the years, like airless tires, but it just never came to fruition," Edwards said. "I'm not sure why. Maybe this will be something that works out well, but we'll see."