Happy National Drink Wine Day! Especially You Millennials Drinking 42% Of It

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Enjoy a glass of vino after work, y'all -- it's National Drink Wine Day!

Drinking wine has some great health benefits. Moderate drinkers have lower risks for liver disease, type 2 diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and even some cancers.

And that's not all. Wine can also reduce 'bad' cholesterol -- aka LDL -- and increase the 'good' HDL cholesterol.

Though the 'holiday' is for everyone, one group seems to be celebrating more than others.

The millennial generation is taking over the world, becoming the largest generation in 2015, but the 21-38 year olds now have another distinction.

A study from the Wine Market Council says millennials are now drinking more wine than any other age group.

"I just feel like everybody drinks wine," said millennial wine drinker Cierra Claus. "Like, all my friends, we have wine nights."

In fact, this group downed 42% of all US wine in 2015.

The question is: Where could this growing trend have come from? There's no scandal to be found, though there is a Scandal. When Olivia Pope drinks, we drink.

"I think it's a very social thing to do, to drink wine and chat for three hours," said millennial Madeline Preston.

It's not just Kerry Washington's character, either. We drink with the girls on The Bachelor as well.

"The Bachelor... we do," Claus said. "We have a Bachelor and wine night."

It's not just a numbers game, either. The younger generation is bigger than the baby boomers now, but millennials are all about Netflix and chilling a glass to the tune of more than three per session. The boomers average less than two.

So if the newest bachelor asks you to accept his rose, it wouldn't be a shock to hear you say, "No, thanks! Where's my glass?"