Far Out! Half the World to Become Nearsighted by 2050

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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – From the moment we get up, we've got our eyes glued to our phone, tablet, TV and computer. And it might be causing a great deal of damage to our vision. Yeah, just when we thought ‘tech neck’ was a problem, a new study suggests half the world will be short-sighted by 2050.


Research done by the American Academy of Ophthalmology says myopia, a.k.a. nearsightedness, has doubled between the 70's and early 2000's, with teens in Asia getting hit the hardest by this epidemic.

Turns out, screens aren't the primary blame for the issue. It's actually the lack of time spent outdoors. That leads to nearsightedness. But what are we doing when we're not getting fresh air and sunlight? Pasting our pupils to our small screens. So, guilty by association.

And if you were blindsided by this info, you should listen up to what technology can do to your hearing. Scientists at Harvard say ear-bud headphones can cause permanent hearing damage, even at a low volume! They're calling it ‘hidden hearing loss’ because the damage is caused to the cochlear nerve fibers, which pretty much goes undetected until it's too late.

Well, it looks and sounds like technology may not always be the best option. Maybe giving our screens and tunes a break is the best bet -- if we don't what to end up deaf and blind.