Credit Only: New Monopoly Game Gets Rid of Cash

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PAWTUCKET, RI - The way we pay for things is changing by the day so it's only fitting the board game about buying everything you can is changing, too. Monopoly is introducing a new cashless version of their game.

The revamped game is called Monopoly Ultimate Banking and it ditches the cash for credit cards. There's now a tiny ATM that keeps track of every player's financial transactions.

This isn't the first time the makers of Monopoly have attempted to modernize the game. A few years ago, they introduced a credit card version but it actually slowed down the game since players had to manually type in dollar amounts on a keypad.

In the Ultimate Banking Edition, the ATM is not only able to quickly scan each player's credit card but Chance cards and properties like Park Place, which now have special bar codes.

So you may not be able to make it rain dollar bills anymore, but you can still buy the block with just the swipe of a credit card.

You'll be able to swipe your real credit card to purchase Monopoly Ultimate Banking in the fall.