Things All DFW-ers Do But Won’t Admit

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By Alexis Stice, NewsCastic

Those from the DFW are a rare type of people that very few really get. We are your typical Texan but with a powerful kick of course. Enjoy the best of both worlds when you sit down with us. Our ways have everyone scratching their head, laughing or in a state of awe. If you are anything on this list—don’t deny the DFW roots.


1. Thinks Cowboy Boots Go With Everything

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Hey! In our defense, they DO go with everything. No matter what time of year it is we know every time is the perfect time to rock a pair of cowboy boots. This is why every major shopping center must have a Cavender’s or something similar. With all the different styles and colors to choose from this is the perfect accessory. We have at least one pair in our closet.


2. Can’t Parallel Park to Save Our Lives

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Sorry, we aren’t from New York! Parallel parking is very rare in our area but when it occurs we do one of two things—find a different spot or just avoid where were going all together. We all thought it was like the Pythagorean Theorem…as in something we learned but will never practice in daily life.


3. We All Have Road Rage

Even the most patient, softhearted native will scream at the top of their lungs at the person who cut them off. Being short tempered behind the wheel is just part of our DNA. If you do something wrong on the road we and everyone else in our car will tell you. We can’t help it so move it or lose it buddy!


4. Have Been to a Rodeo at Least Once

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Every DFW-er wants to be far from a Texas stereotype but we are at times. Especially when it comes to our rodeos. Everyone from DFW has been to one at some point in their life (or plan on it). Nothing is wrong with this! We’re just exploring our roots and having a good old Texan time.


5. Y’all Is Life

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Seriously, have you NOT heard anyone from the DFW say “y’all”? It’s just a part of our vocabulary and if you don’t like it tough! Saying any variation of it just isn’t right. So we will greet everyone as y’all and leave it at that!


6. Act Just a Little Too Friendly

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Being friendly is just in our blood. We just met you and we already know your mother’s name, social security number and blood type (not really but pretty much). DFW-ers are friendly people by nature! Wherever we go we like to know everything about everyone and get the conversation flowing. Sorry if we talk a lot! We just want to get to know you.


7. Wore a 10 Gallon Hat At Least Once

Just like the cowboy boots, this is no exception. DFW-ers have a style all of their own and we like it that way. Even though we don’t shout it from roof tops we also on occasion wear those awful 10 gallon hats. Sure it started out as a joke among friends but we secret love it and have worn it once or twice. Don’t hold it against us!


8. Have a Temper

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We like to believe that we are some of the kindest, sweetest Southerners around. In our minds we show that Southern hospitality to all and are such a ray of sunshine, however, that is far from the truth. Boston and New York are notorious for their attitude but have you seen someone from the DFW?! We are stubborn, impatient and our words will cut you like a knife. It may not seem that way but catch us in traffic or a long line and you will see it in no time. Don’t get on our bad side!


9. We’re Not Country but Not City Folks Either

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The DFW is full of an interesting hybrid of people. We are a mixture of city but also country as well. Talk to us a bit and you will definitely see what I mean. Some prefer to sound more city while others are more country. Depending on where exactly you grew up you may be more of one. Like a Mesquite native may prefer country music and live in cowboy boots and someone from North Dallas loves top 40 and high heels. We’re an odd type of person but we love it that way.


10. We Have an Accent

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While most people from Texas may hate having an accent DFW is no exception. We have that Southern accent that everyone can hear but us. Some get defensive when you bring it up while others brush it off. We like to think that we’re more hip Southerners and it is true but it cannot be disguised. Just give it up already! We can’t fool y’all any longer!


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