Weed Soon Could Be Legally Grown In Texas

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There's not a lot you can do to make gardening exciting unless you’re talking about growing marijuana. It turns out you may be able to grow the green stuff in the Lone Star State before long.

“It’s medical marijuana, not recreational, and it's $6,000 for the permit and another $6,000 for the licensing,”  said Diana Oliver of Thunderbird Productions.

Governor Abbott signed the Texas Compassionate Use Act, allowing folks with epilepsy to access the medicinal oils the plant produces. DPS will soon be issuing licenses to grow weed in Texas.

“Once we can actually get it in this state we have more control over what is actually happening then that`s going to lower the price down,” Glenn Reynolds with HoneyB Healthy Living said.

The folks with Honey B Healthy Living currently sell hemp oils. They get their hemp from a farm in the mile high city and hope to get a license from DPS to grow hemp in their own back yard.

“They have until September of 2017 to actually issue the first license so they still have another year before they even have to issue another license,” Reynolds said

As of right now DPS is only gonna issue 3 licenses and Glenn Reynolds wants to be one of them and put an end to the stigma of this crop

“It has some spectacular uses," he said. "It continues to blow me away that we aren`t taking advantage of this natural product that we have.”