Man Loses 30 Pounds On Spud Only Diet

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MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA-They say you are what you eat, if so, call Andrew Taylor Mr. Potato Head.

That's because he's only eating potatoes for an entire year.

At the beginning of 2016, Taylor made a video documenting his weight at 333 pounds, the heaviest he says he’s been.

So he decided to do something about his unhealthy relationship with food by only eating potatoes.

Since the first of the year, Taylor has lost 30 pounds. How's that for a #TransformationTuesday?

But don't potatoes make your butt bigger?

Well, not really.  Potatoes are actually packed with protein, iron, amino acids and Vitamin  C -- not to mention carbs.

Taylor says his spud fit challenge is safe for him and he has the blessing of his doctor.

Hey, potatoes don't sound so bad, no matter which way you mash them and by the looks of it, Taylor is lovin’ the taters!