Death by Selfies: Young People Risk Lives for Perfect Snap

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DALLAS - There`s nothing quite like getting the best angle for that all-important selfie, but for some, the quest for the perfect snapshot is truly to die for.

In 2014, 49 deaths were reported worldwide as a result of accidents involving self-absorbed selfies.

A majority of these deaths involve young people and it turns out males are the biggest culprits.

"They take more risks,” says Shelli Stephens-Stidham, director of the Injury Prevention Center at Parkland Hospital. "We see more males die as a result of unintentional injuries and intentional injuries than we do females."

Stidham says the deaths happened in a variety of ways.

"Most of them were climbing to the top of a tall building to take a picture," she said. "Some of them were standing in the middle of an ocean."

Of the 49 cases, only two were documented as driving accidents.

As to why deaths by selfies are increasing, Stidham says it's simply a matter of wanting to be seen.

"People want their friends to know where they are and I think they want documentation of some crazy things that they're doing," she said. "Unfortunately, it just leads to more distraction and more deaths."

So next time, think about putting the phone down and smelling the roses before taking that selfie or those same roses may be used to say goodbye to you.

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