Residents Keeping Eye out For Bobcats in Richardson

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RICHARDSON -- For folks who live in Richardson, bobcats are on the brain.

“The thought of them stalking smaller animals scares me a lot,” Grace Butcher said. Richardson resident Rick Andresen said, “People are a little more afraid of it, that have the smaller dogs and cats.”

“I'm always worried because we have pets. We have two cats and three dogs and one of them is a small dog,” Angel Velazquez told NewsFix.

“It's a matter of being diligent, increasing the number of traps in an area, and expanding into an area where we have known activity and sightings. Sometimes its a matter of having a bit of luck with it,” City of Richardson Director of Health Bill Allsup said.

The city says they have hidden traps in neighborhoods where the big cats have been sighted. In the meantime, they're asking residents to keep an eye out on their pets.

“Be very aware of what's going on when you’re outside,” Leonard Harris said. “Because they are quick. I mean they could scale that fence probably and jump on one of the dogs before we would know what happened.”

That’s exactly what happened to David Dinsmore earlier this month after leaving his two Yorkies out for just a few minutes. His security cameras caught the carnage as one was blindsided by a bobcat in his own back yard.

“The security video allowed me to see the bobcat left through the front and that's when I went into the front and found the carcass in the leaves,” Dinsmore said.

While Dinsmore is keeping his surviving pup close, he wants to warn folks that there's not a fence out there that can keep a bobcat out.