Woman Buys Lottery Ticket Her Friend Rejected, Wins $100,000

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NEWPORT NEWS, Va. -- A Virginia woman either has one less friend or a whole lot of new ones. Maybe both. Lucille Harrelson won $100,000 when she purchased a lottery ticket her friend had just rejected.

Lucille and some of her friends went to a Wawa (seriously great name for a store) to buy scratch-offs tickets; one of her friends started to buy a ticket but changed her mind and purchased a different ticket, according to WTKR -- so Lucille bought it instead.

She took the ticket back to her office, scratched off the coating, and won -- but she didn't really believe she was a winner until the Virginia Lottery’s customer service center confirmed the ticket was worth $100,000.

She said she has no immediate plans for her winnings, but we hope she's at least treating her friend to a spa day.