Waves: Scientists Finally Prove Albert Einstein’s Theory

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - It looks like we have further confirmation that Albert Einstein was a pretty smart dude. Early Thursday, the National Science Foundation revealed they finally recorded proof of a phenomena Einstein predicted 100 years ago in his theory of relativity. We're talking gravitational waves.

So what are gravitational waves? The short answer is they're ripples in space time caused by violent events. The wave detected by researchers came from a collision between two black holes 1.3 billion light years away.

David Reitze, executive director of the LIGO laboratory, believes this will completely change the future of space discovery, saying, “400 years ago Galileo turned a telescope to the sky and opened the era of modern observational astronomy. I think we're doing something equally important here today.”

No word on whether rapper B.o.B is planning a rebuttal to Thursday's findings, but we'll keep you posted. Hey, who knew the topic of waves could be discussed without people insulting each other on Twitter?

Looks like this is another chance to learn about our mysterious universe. Thanks, Einstein!