Valentine’s Day Gifts: What Texas Googles More Than Other States

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Credit: Estately

Credit: Estately

If you’re still searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, maybe you should do a little online research — and take a look at this map of the United States.

Real estate company Estately created the map to show us what each state searches more than the other states do.

Before we even get to our own state, let me just say this: Alabama, I did not see that coming. Good for you.

So what do Texans search for more than any other U.S. state?

Plus-size lingerie.

Ha ha, yes, say the thing about how everything is bigger in Texas.

But we also search for ‘Valentines for him’ more than others do because we’re thoughtful like that.

And, I guess, following leads from Tennessee and Pennsylvania, we also search for ‘edible panties’ and ‘discount sex toys’ — except we say ‘discount’ instead of ‘cheap’ because we were raised right.


Estately is no doubt thinking knowing these habits will help you determine where you’d like to live.