The 6 Most Picturesque Wedding Venues in Dallas

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Photo: Silk Jasso

By Silke Jasso, NewsCastic

Let’s face it, wedding season is here. December, January, and February are the top peak dates for getting engaged, or married. Looking for a venue? Dallas is the perfect place to have the dream wedding. With over 20 venues that enhance the beauty of the city, indoor or outdoor, here are a few places you should consider before saying “I Do.”


1. Heritage Springs (2600 Hitching Post Trial, Anna)

Heritage Springs by The Spring Events is the perfect place to host the beautiful winter wedding. It has a countryside where your event can be held private, but still have a home feeling to it. Choose and inside, outside, or both for the event, and have everyone happy. Need help to plan the wedding? No problem. You can find wedding planners that will help you get everything you need for the wedding, and give you the best prices to keep you on budget.


2. Walter Wedding Estates (2602 Lillian Miller Pkwy., Denton)

Want to have the wedding ceremony and reception in the same place? This is your spot. From a great price, catering, decorations, and music included, all you have to worry about is being there for your perfect day. The location has beautiful chandeliers in every room, concert floors, and a chapel that takes your breath away. You also have the advantage of renting a few rooms (or all) at the inn, for your family and friends to stay for the big day.


3. The Milestone (1251 W Sherman Dr., Aubrey)

Outdoor barn wedding, anyone? This is your spot for the perfect outdoor wedding. With a Southern feel to it, the scenery of mansions and a barn, this venue is the go to place in North Texas countryside. They also handle catering and decorations in case you want to hire an onsite wedding coordinator. The Milestone is great for small weddings of 200 or that summer enchanting wedding. They are known for their Bridal Suite, which makes is the perfect place to take pictures with the bridesmaids and get ready for the big walk down the aisle.


4. Marc Events (1130 Dragon St. #120, Dallas)

If you would like to feel like a princess, this is the perfect ballroom. Marc Events has a decoration team ready for any event and theme. You can use the reception room and ceremony space to save space and money in the end. The romance burst right when you walk through the door, and the dance floor will guarantee your guests a good time. For 2016, this is the best spot for your modern day wedding full of love, fun, and music. They are also known for their wonderful staff that make your day even more special by being team players and handling the event like professionals.


5. Level Two (703 McKinney Ave LB# 116, Dallas)


Want a small wedding of 150 people? Level Two is the perfect size to handle your guests and make the best wedding you can have. Located in West End Dallas, the reception is affordable and unique, with a building that screams out Dallas. The bricks on the walls and concrete floors make the location intimate for all to enjoy. It is an affordable and one of a kind venue that provides an all exclusive night. All you have to worry about is your cake that will drop jaws. The wedding planners of the venue will make sure and have everything you want on that day.


6. Canyon Creek (625 West Lookout Dr., Richardson)

Canyon Creek, located in Richardson, has an amazing view of Dallas outdoors, with an elegant environment. It is surrounded by the view of the golf course, with a reception of full of ceiling windows where your guest can dance along while enjoying the night sites of Dallas. From a simple to an extravagant wedding, the Canyon Creek Country Clubs will make sure you have everything you want. With a space fro 350 people, you can have both your reception, ceremony, and cocktails for your guest while they wait for your entrance. If you are looking for a good reception that is not going to hurt you wallet, this one is it.


There you have it, our top 6 favorite wedding venues. Of course, this doesn’t mean the other venues aren’t good enough to look at at, these are just some we recommend. Not gonna lie, these made us wish we were planning a wedding as well. Getting married in a big lifetime event, making the perfect wedding and choosing the perfect spot is even more special!