#Fail: Court Allows James Woods to Sue Twitter User

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LOS ANGELES, CA - Everything has a price, even our words, and at least one member of the Twitterverse is being reminded of that by a well-known actor.

James Woods is suing an anonymous Twitter user for $10 million for suggesting the actor is a cocaine addict. The Twitter user`s lawyer says this is just a case of Woods being able to dish it out but not being able to take it.

She cites examples where Woods accuses people on Twitter of using crack cocaine. On Wednesday, a judge ruled Woods can pursue his lawsuit so this cocaine-fueled fight is heading to court, but Twitter isn`t the only social media site where people are getting sued.

On Friday, a Paris court gave the greenlight to a lawsuit against Facebook over its decision to shut down the account of a French art connoisseur who posted a pic of a famous 19th century nude painting. The painting is called The Origin of the World and depicts a pretty explicit view of female genitalia. Not only does the user want his account reactivated but he's asking for around $20,000 in damages.

So, on this Valentine's Day weekend remember; before you post anything negative about your ex or provocative for your soul mate you might find yourself facing a social media fail.