Here They Come: Another Adult Expo Wants to Do Dallas

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DALLAS -- Have you heard about the adult expo that's trying to book the convention center in downtown Dallas?

We're not talking about Exxxotica; the city council voted to give them the boot earlier this week.

Now, a second sex convention is asking to come to Big D.

But, why on earth would another expo try to bring a triple-X event to a city that doesn't want it?

Well, as Exxxotica's director J. Handy told NewsFix Thursday, "There's not a person in the city of Dallas right now that doesn't know about our event."  Handy's clearly enjoying all the free publicity, and now it looks like AdultCon is trying to get some too.

But press isn't the only opportunity the council's moral stand has opened up for these sex events.

Exxxotica has lawyered up and is prepping to sue the city, and legal experts say the expo's probably going to win.

Even some members of the city council agree.  Councilman Scott Griggs posted on Facebook that this whole battle could come "at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars to Dallas taxpayers."

And if they ban AdultCon too, they'd be opening themselves up to another first-amendment lawsuit.

"When you're driving over giant potholes," J. Handy said Thursday, "You just remember back to when your city commission decided to spend a quarter of a million dollars fighting something that was legally allowable in the city."

Time will tell how this all shakes out, but it seems like Big D might catch a pretty big L on this one.