Exxxotica Head Says Banned Sex Expo Is Suing Dallas, Coming Anyway

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DALLAS -- Now that the Dallas City Council has banned the Exxxotica Sex Expo, what's next for the controversial convention?

You might think they'll leave Dallas behind, maybe find a new venue that's less discriminating, but according to the expo's director, J. Handy, you'd be wrong.

"There is no second plan, there is no 'Go somewhere else,'" Handy told NewsFix via Skype. "It's not only going to happen in Dallas, it's going to happen at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, and it's going to happen in May."

Yeah, just a day after the council voted "No way," Handy says Exxxotica's not going to take it lying down.

Dallas attorney Pete Schulte agrees that the sex expo is on top when it comes to the law. "We don't have the laws in the City of Dallas to prevent this from happening," said Schulte.  "I mean, Exxxotica's gonna sue, and they're gonna win."

Despite all the moral objections raised at Wednesday's meeting, and a declaration of victory by those opposed -- including the Convention Center's namesake -- the city may not have a legal leg to stand on.

"Whether you agree with [Exxxotica being in Dallas] or not," Schulte said, the city has to "follow the law."

"Ultimately, we'll be the last man standing," said Handy. "And when we're standing, it'll be in the convention center."

Yep, sounds like this fight will reach its climax in court, where it'll be up to a federal judge to decide if Exxxotica's return to Big D is coming... or not.