Class Act: Winston School Students Sculpt Metal Artwork

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DALLAS — Art can be an act of collaboration, and that’s why this week it’s a whole team that makes up our Class Act of the Week! brought you by Time Warner Cable.

Michael Schaper, Boone Munson and Jack Kiran are all students at the Winston School, a college prep school that focuses on maximizing the potential of “bright students who learn differently.” And these three have a very different outlook on art, through the form of metal sculpting!

“Artwork is a form of expressionism at the Winston School, whether it’s an outlet of distraction to get out anxiety or stress.” said senior Jack Kiran, “We all have ideas, certain things that we want to do, art gives us that outlet and gives us an opportunity to do it.”

“Before I went to the Winston School I was lagging behind in all my work, and since I’ve joined the Winston School I’ve caught up,” said Michael Schaper, another senior, “I’ve learned several skills that I would never have learned in the future and I don’t know how to thank them as much as I am.”

Their unique artwork earned them an invitation to the Dallas Aurora Project, a free public art event

“We decided to go with the sculpture we went with because we felt it best embodied the theme of the festival which was “All Together”.” said Boone Munson, a junior, “When seen from a certain angle our sculpture spells the word “all”, when seen from other angles it’s a series of jumbled horizontals and verticals.”

“This is an incredible group of kids.” said their 3D art teacher, Emmanuel Gillespie, “They’re powerful.”

Powerful is right! Bending metal into art, and welding togetherness out of chaos!

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