Bravo! DSM High School Musical Theater Awards Set to Honor Best of Local Talent

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FAIR PARK -- When you think of high school musical, what comes to mind?

The popular Disney show that launched the superstar careers of Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens?

Well, in North Texas, high school musicals are as big as the lone star state, and the stars on its stage, are just as bright.

Dallas Summer Musicals is committed to honoring today’s talent, knowing many will soon be tomorrow’s lead stars.

"It’s a program that takes care of high school musical theater students across North Texas,” John Clutts, Chair of DSM High School Musical Theater Awards told NewsFix.

For five years, the program has acknowledged theater students. It’s like the Tony's for area high school students. On April 14, about 500 kids from over 70-schools compete for 16-awards and seven scholarships.

The DSM High School Theater Awards is the second largest program in America.

"These kids have an opportunity to bring that American art form into the 21st century in an amazing way and all of the kids who win, across the country, will compete in New York, in the Minskoff Theatre,” Clutts explained.

Actor John Campione is from the Dallas area and stars in DSM’s current production, Bridges of Madison County.

"I’ve never performed at Fair Park before, but I’ve seen countless shows there; so many shows there, growing up in North Texas. Just to be on that stage, it was quite an emotional experience for me,” Campione told NewsFix.,

Campione knows programs of this nature can really nurture young talent. "It’s going to do nothing but strengthen the arts in North Texas.”

A program that puts the arts center stage? Now, that’s worth a standing ovation.