Stuff Only Dallas People Say…

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1) “I’m not going to Fort Worth.”

fresh prince

Funky Town is just too damn far. It’s like another world to Dallasites.

2) “Arlington SUCKS!”

you suck

Enough said.

3) “Wanna go to Water-burger?” 

Sigh… it’s WHATABURGER, y’all! Not water. But one thing all Dallas folks agree on — it’s Heaven on Earth!

4) “Can I get a Coke? What kind? Dr. Pepper.”

forrest gump

Forrest Gump knows what’s up!

5) “How bout dem Cowboys?!?!”

dez bryant

Win or lose… we back our Boys!

6) “We’re about to go across the bridge.”


Well, the Dallas folks on the CW33 Digital Team insist this is one you’ll know. It’s an oldie from back in the day when folks in “dry” counties needed to make a beer run to the “wet” counties.


dallas skyline


Because Dallas is the best city in the Metroplex, right? Don’t hate. Ha.

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