Here We Go Again: Twitter Makes Another Change to Your Timeline

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SAN FRANCISCO -- You know the saying, “Change is inevitable?" Well, so is the complaining to go along with it, at least when it concerns social media sites. The latest site to modify its appearance is Twitter.

Yes, starting Wednesday, the official home of the Kanye rant is debuting a new algorithm that will show tweets out of order. Actually, the new addition isn't that much different from the current "while you were away" feature that's been around for a year now.

The new algorithm will place tweets that Twitter "thinks" most people want to see at the top of their timelines. After you see those tweets, you'll see your regular timeline with the most recent tweets on top.

For now "best tweets first" is an opt-in feature, which means you don't have to use it.

Twitter just reported it earned $710 million in 2015 but also reported losing 6% of its users in the last year. According to comScore, internet users -- specifically those on mobile devices -- are using Twitter less frequently and for a shorter amount of time. Plus, the site is getting fewer and fewer new users.

That might explain why four senior executives within the company recently jumped ship last month.

We'll have to wait and see if this latest change ultimately gets people back onboard.