Giving It Up: Christians Prepare to Sacrifice for Lenten Season

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DALLAS -- Soooo... what are you giving up for Lent?

While you might give up sinful sweets or your sad social media addiction, Wednesday marks the start of the Lenten season with many Christians observing Ash Wednesday and an ash mark on your forehead marks a reason for major self-sacrifice and self-reflection, for some of us.

"It’s just a time to remember to be peaceful and to look inward and treat others kindly but also treat ourselves kindly," said Jack Theis.

"It’s a great season coming up the year of mercy," Huey Bo Pham told NewsFix. "Like the Bishop said, give up something and make it worthwhile."

So, what exactly is the practice is of Lent?

Well, some Christians are obliged to fast on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and stay away from red meats every Friday.

But what could be harder to give up than food? Well, sex, abstinence is also asked of the holy until Easter. If you find yourself living on a prayer, just remember the reason for the season.

"Listening to the sermon today, he was asking for more acts of kindness rather than giving up donuts," explained Brenda Gomez. "So I’ll definitely be doing that more."

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