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Get High, Mate: Australia to Legalize Growing Marijuana Nationwide

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AUSTRALIA — Mates down under will soon be able to legally get high.

Wednesday, officials in Australia are expected to puff-puff-pass a new bill that would legalize the growing of marijuana for medical use nationwide.

Marijuana leaf over green chalkboard

Down to move to Aussie?

So, they’re not exactly on the same page as the heads in Amsterdam or Uruguay where it’s not foreign to freely smoke weed whenever or however you want! But it’s way better than places like Singapore. People could possibly get the death penalty if they’re caught with a doobie.

As for the land of the free… we’ve definitely come a long way from cracking down on cannabis to getting high on the slopes in Colorado.

For now, the Aussies have no official plans to legalize recreational use, but they sure can take a learn a few things from us Yanks!

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