Fair Park Business Gives Thoughts on Proposed Redevelopment Plans

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DALLAS -- It was a packed house Monday night at Fair Park and no one was there for corny dogs.

“Some on this council and in this city of mine want to privatize Fair Park,” Melinda Fagan said at Monday’s meeting.

“Adequate funding for operations, maintenance, and repair of historic buildings are desperately needed,”  Preservation Dallas' David Preziosi told the City Council.

Folks here were reacting to the mayor’s plans to put the day to day operations of the fair grounds in the hands of private developers.

Kevin Felder said, “From my vantage point, this is an unfair, imbalanced business community attempt to take over Fair Park.”

The question is, whose park is this anyway?

“Gosh, from a consumer business person's point of view, it sounds like there's been a lot of smoky back room meetings and now all of a sudden they’ve got the plan in place,”  Dave Habony told NewsFix.

Dave Habony and Mike Liebermann own the pizza lounge right across the street from Fair Park, and  they feel a little blindsided by the city just now asking for public input.

“We would love to see somebody from the neighborhood be a part of the committee going forward so that nothing is lost as we move forward in an attempt to gain,” Liebermann said.

These two pizza guys say redevelopment for the Fair Park area is long overdue, but if it involves a big construction project, they don’t want to be left high and dry.

“We wouldn’t like to see a long term construction project across the street that forces us to lose business and we eventually go out of business only for the sake of bringing in a higher paying tenant,” Habony said.