Too Much Swag? Oscar Nominees’ Gift Bags To Include $200K Worth Of Goodies

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HOLLYWOOD, CA- At the Oscars, if your name isn't called for one of the golden statues, you won't necessarily go home empty handed.

If you're a major nominee at Hollywood's biggest night, you get a swag bag just for being present. This year, Leo and his peers will get $200,000 worth of free goodies. Turns out, that's almost double what a-listers got last year. So what's in those $200K bling bags?

Well,  how about a 10-day first class trip to Israel totaling $55,000? Actors like Matt Damon and J-Law will also get to zoom around town for a year with unlimited Audi car rentals. Seriously, what am I doing with my life?

According to The Wrap, the full list includes:

  • Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer ($249.99)
  • My M&M’s ($300)
  • Halo, Purely for Pets ($6,300)
  • Explore Israel ($55,000)
  • SilverCar ($45,000)
  • Lizora ($31,200)
  • Tribute ($125)
  • Caolion ($134)
  • Healing Saint by Dr. Jane 360 ($193)
  • Walk Japan ($54,000)
  • Alexi Seletzky, Celebrity Trainer ($900)
  • Belldini ($300 +)
  • Chocolatines ($35)
  • Dandi Patch ($21)
  • Delovery ($2,000)
  • Farm Wife Style ($25)
  • Fit Club TV “Ultimate Fitness Package” ($6,250)
  • Gleener on the Go ($11.99)
  • Golden Door ($4,800)
  • Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria ($5,000)
  • Grand Hotel Tremezzo ($5,000)
  • Greenhill Winery & Vineyards ($39)
  • Hydroxycut Gummies ($19.88)
  • Jay Cardiello  ($1,400)
  • Joseph’s Toiletries ($275)
  • Lat & Lo ($150)
  • Memobottle ($47)
  • Mezcal El Silencio ($75)
  • Mission1 Clean Protein Bar ($5.64/box)
  • Nuelle Fiera Arouser For Her ($250)  
  • Phantom Glass ($49.95-$59.95)
  • Purely Inspired Organic Protein ($19.97)
  • Rougle Maple ($99)
  • Sedona Lace ($109.95)
  • Signature Vodka ($70)
  • Slimware ($29.95)
  • Steamist ($5,060)
  • Sundial Power Coating ($500)
  • Tools by Gina ($250)
  • Vampire Breast Lift ($1,900)
  • Zekkle Edge ($125)
  • 740 Park MD ($5,530)

Just when you thought Holly"weird" couldn't get freakier, they drop a Nuelle Fiera Arouser For Her in the bag.  Okay, we're not trying to start a new Twitter trend or anything, but is a $250 sex toy for the leading ladies a bit #OscarsSoSexist? IJS.

The kicker? The swag bag is only given to nominees in major categories. After a rough estimate, that's about $200,000 each, which equals almost $6 million.

So, technically the stars who can afford to pay for all this swag themselves get rewarded?

On the other hand, the people nominated for categories for costume design and best screenplay might actually appreciate it a bit more.

I say the Oscars should take that $6 million and use it for a good cause. Now, that would be award winning!


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