Lennon’s Locks: A Snip of the Former Beatle’s Hair is Up for Bids

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DALLAS--What would you say if we told you could own a piece of Beatles memorabilia?

Cool, huh? At least 'til we tell you it's a lock of John Lennon's hair--from 1967!

Nope. It' s not Mind Games.

It's a real sale item at Heritage Auctions in Dallas.

Who'd buy a piece of 49-year-old hair? Yech!

We can't Imagine.

See what we did there?

The folks at Heritage Auctions think someone's gonna pay 10 grand for it--maybe several times that!

"When you get to something, like somebody's DNA, that's the ultimate piece," said Garry Shrum, consignment director for Heritage's Music & Entertainment Auctions. "You can get a handwritten letter you can get a coat that somebody has worn. To get something this close, it's just almost impossible to get."

It was apparently snipped when Lennon was shooting the film "How I Won the War."

Hey, somebody paid for Andre Agassi's hair. Remember when Andre Agassi had hair?

There was actually a fight a couple of years ago for Santa Ana's wooden leg.

And it' not the first time somebody bought a piece of Lennon. Someone bought one of his molars for 31 grand back in 2011.

Okay, if that's not gross enough for ya, back in 2006 somebody paid 25 grand for one of William Shatner's kidney stones!

Yeah, that's weirder than what anybody *else* is gonna have for show and tell.

Well, Whatever Gets You through the Night.

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