Where We’re Eating Instead of Chipotle Today

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Now that Chipotle's E. coli outbreak officially over, the company is temporarily closing all its restaurants in order to keep it that way.

All Chipotle stores nationwide are closed for four hours today to hold a company-wide staff meeting about food safety -- so from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. there will be no burritos while CEO Steve Ells broadcasts live, taking employees' questions and talking about major changes in their food safety program.

We repeat, no burritos.

No chicken burritos, no steak burritos, no carnitas burritos.

No tacos. No crispy tacos, no soft tacos.

No bowls.


The Good News: You can text 'raincheck' to 888222 and Chipotle will send you a coupon for a free burrito; hurry, though.

The Great News: Our Facebook audience has a lot of great alternatives if Chipotle is your Monday go-to lunch spot!

"I love Freebirds! They don't give you a pound of rice and 1/4 cp meat," Tonya Marie told us.

(Pssst... Chipotle, she may have a point there.)

"El Phoenix [sic] is awesome!" according to Tim Lucas.

"Jack in the box tacos" made Popz Cortez's list.

And perhaps the best of all? From Cliff English who said, "My kitchen."

Well, we never thought of that.

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