Dallasites Dig Up Teenage Diaries for “Mortified” Comedy Show

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DALLAS -- Safe to say, if someone found your diary from those awkward teen years, you'd be pretty embarrassed. But what if you had to read your younger self's words to an audience of strangers?  Then, you'd be Mortified.

"Mortified is a very unique comedy storytelling show," said Anne Jensen-Smith, who's producing the nation-wide show's new Dallas chapter. "We put adults on stage and they read from their most embarrassing writings that they wrote as teenagers."

Yeah, the show's coming to Dallas this weekend, and Cameron Kirkpatrick will be among the first to "Get Mortified."

"Romance, family drama, just general being-in-high-school-and-hating-everything," Kirkpatrick said of his teenage writings.  "What we've selected is songs I used to write, back when I thought pop stardom was in my future."

"Journals, diaries, unsent love letters, horrible poems, bad songwriting, we hear it all," Jensen-Smith said.

But just because the show is called "Mortified," that doesn't mean the folks performing expect to be red-faced by the end of it.

"They're all from some of our more embarrassing moments in life," Kirkpatrick said.  "But I just can't help but really sort of enjoy it, weirdly."

"Their unique story is what makes it so human and so relatable," said Jensen-Smith.  "The audience is in this ride with the person who's reading their diary.  It's a cool feeling."

It's that connection that's helped "Mortified" spread across the country after it was started in LA over a decade ago.  It even has its own documentary!  ("Mortified Nation" streams on NetFlix.)

And starting with shows Friday and Saturday at the Dallas Comedy House, "Mortified" is here in Dallas.  Just in time for Valentine's Day!

"The next show's going to be in three months - May 13 and 14," Jensen-Smith told NewsFix.  "And we're gonna try to work up to a once-a-month show.  I think Dallas is gonna love it.  I hope Dallas is gonna love it."

Asked if he was more nervous or excited for his debut on Friday, Kirkpatrick said with a smile: "I think it's a really invaluable experience - I'm ready for it."

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