Dallas City Leaders Look for Solutions to K2 Drug Problem

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DALLAS--Did you think we were done talking about K2?

Yeah, the Dallas City Council banned synthetic marijuana*almost 6 years ago and state lawmakers made most of the ingredients illegal last year.

How's that working out? Not so well.

Dallas cops say they've seen a big jump lately in incidents involving K2, especially around the West End DART station.

"The panhandling community downtown is becoming more aggressive and we think it's related to the drug of choice," police chief David Brown said, referring to K2 during a discussion about trespassing during the council's public safety committee meeting.

They say the city's code enforcement department came across 55 packets of K2 while they were inspecting a beer and wine store on Ewing Avenue.

Then, there was that bust of Gas Pipe shops all over the Metroplex. Cops say thousands of K2 packets turned up.

Yeah, those packages sure look harmless. Cops say most of them come from China. And even though it's called "synthetic marijuana," experts say K2 can cause:

  • panic attacks
  • increased heart rate and blood pressure
  • anxiety
  • vomiting
  • seizures
  • organ and brain damage.

More than 100 teens in Dallas and Austin ended up in the E.R. in just 5 days in 2014, and, at least one death in Dallas has been blamed on K2.

Dallas council members say they are looking for new ways to control K2, like regulating drug paraphernalia shops and creating ordinances to keep the drug from being sold near schools and churches.

It was important enough for K2 to be on Monday's agenda for the council's public safety committee, but apparently not urgent enough. They ran out of time.

Maybe they'll get to it at their next meeting in a couple of weeks.

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