Victory Formation: Beyonce Drops Surprise Single Before Halftime Performance

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SANTA CLARA, CA- Honey, only a queen can drop a surprise music video right before a Superbowl performance and have the Beyhive and beyond buzzin' about it.

Just 24 hours before Beyonce hit the halftime stage with Cold Play and Bruno Mars, she decided to slay us all  and release Formation. A politically powered single that addresses both the haters and issues in America. Plus, there's a dope video (clean or dirty) to go along with it.

She also dropped a Formation collection that sports some of the lyrics.
Hmmm. Could this be foreshadowing an upcoming album? Or maybe it was all a plan-Bey to get us to tune into the Super Bowl!

C'mon we didn't forget how many people gave Cold Play the cold shoulder when it was confirmed they'd be headlining the halftime show. But, once Beyonce and Bruno Mars were added to the playlist, Super Bowl 50 was upgraded to SUPER BOWL 50!

If you compare the lineup to halftime back in the 70's when Up With People serenaded fans with their
feel good music, Cold Play starts sounding like the hottest band around!