Grand Champion Named in Fort Worth Stock Show

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FORT WORTH -- If you're looking for some Grade A beef, you've come to the right place. We're talking show day in Cowtown!

The Fort Worth Stock Show is wrapping up this weekend but not before a beefy winner is named in the Junior Championship.

Hundreds of young ranchers from across the Lone Star State spent endless hours raising and prepping their cattle for the big day.

"You've gotta wash them, blow them, comb them every day," said Myka Blissard.

And while all these bodacious bovines look good with their mooooves, there can only be one Grand Champ.

That makes “Big Boy” the heavyweight champ in Fort Worth, owned by Jagger Horn of Abilene.  [Update: On Saturday, Big Boy sold in the auction for $210,000. His new home will be at the Fort Worth Zoo.]

"Very excited and thankful for everything and all the help I've gotten from this and the experience I’ve gotten from this," said Horn.

The Reserve Grand Champ is Goosebumps owned by Saige Martin from Oldham County.

"I was nervous for a little bit but after he got grand I was happy and stuff," said Martin.

And going home with the win means taking in some serious moolah! Last year's winner, “Bob Marley” was sold for a record $240,000.

The money goes to pay for college tuition and that's no bull!