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Which One is the Mom in This Family Photo?

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INDIANAPOLIS — You're not seeing double with this one -- you're seeing triple. The thing is, only two of these ladies are twins; the third is their mom.

But who's who??

High schooler Kaylan Mahomes recently posted a car selfie with her twin, Kyla, and their mother -- "Mom, twin, and me" -- and the social media world went started scratching its head.

Since it was posted January 28 the photo has been retweeted more than 18,000 times and received more than 29,000 likes. Some Twitter users have shared it along with the hashtag #blackdontcrack, an expression that refers to African-Americans whose smooth skin makes them look younger than their age.

They now have an Instagram page to share more images.

But still: Which one is the mom??

An Instagram post may offer a crucial clue.

The post is a video of one of the ladies holding a camera while the three pose for a picture. Then they all erupt into laughter when one of them apparently realizes she was actually being videotaped.

The video's caption reads, "When your mom thinks it's a picture ... lol #whosthemom?"

Doesn't that lady on the left look pretty similar to the lady in the black blazer in the photo? Hint, hint.

This Tumblr page thinks it has the answer.

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