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Mellow Aunt Flow – Cannabis Tampons Are a Thing

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LOS ANGELES – We all know, and by ‘we’ we're talking women, how bad cramps can be. Periods are no fun. But one company is taking heed, or should we say taking weed, to an unexpected place – by creating a cannabis tampon.

Foria, a California-based company has created Foria Relief, a tampon that's supposed to make you feel better without getting you high. Each tampon has a certain amount of THC and cannabidiol, which together, help release tension and cramping in the body.

The kicker? In order to get these bad boys you have to be 21, have a cannabis recommendation from a doctor, and live in a state where weed is legal. Which ain't Texas. Oh, and you gotta be willing to spend $44 on a pack of four tampons.

Bloody hell!

Not sure if women will be shelling out that much money for pain relief. But new research shows in 2015, Americans spent more on legal marijuana than Doritos, Cheetos and Funyuns combined! That's over $5.4 billion on weed for medical and recreational use.

With that kind of demand for cannabis, it looks like ganja is here to stay.


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